Big Data – It’s Here. It’s Now. It’s Transformative

Affinity helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Our big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and team of experts can help your company gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data.

Behavioral Analytics

The Foundation of Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Predictive Analytics

Understanding what consumers do and how they act enables you to make the right offers to the right customer segments at the right time.


Changing The Way You Do Business

Big data is not just some big idea for tomorrow, today – indeed this very instant

Big data is fundamentally changing how companies serve customers, manage operations and define their business models.


Better Understand Customer Interactions

But behavioral analytics can be more than just tracking people

When big data is combined with rich insights about consumer behavior, companies gain a more accurate picture of where markets are headed.

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Why we Invest in you?

We are a performance only based company. We’ll work together on solutions to accelerate your sales and marketing effectiveness and growth. Our company survival is based on our abilities to increase bottom line sales.

You likely have some challenges and we’d like to you help solve them. Finding answers for questions like how to enhance sales and marketing effectiveness is something we’ve done for thousands of businesses across a myriad of channels.

We’re holistic problem solvers who develop sales and marketing solutions that empower leaders to achieve the desired business impact with precision and confidence—boosting market share and increasing revenue.

We work with your leadership to develop a sound strategy and then work with your teams to implement it with highly effective collaboration, ensuring both near- and longer-term increases in sales and profits.

We are precise and scientific – driven by facts, not hunches. We use the power of analytics to get to the root causes of your issues and leverage technology solutions to increase business performance for people in the office or in the field.

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Behavioral Analytics in Action



We specifically test scenarios and track every click to understand why customers leave “the funnel” before completing check-out.


Financial Services

Organizations leverage behavioral analytics to identify suspicious behavioral patterns and to strengthen anti-fraud capabilities.



Closely track customer pathing across channels – when, where, how frequently and for which transaction types do customers use various channels.



Providers enrich customer information with external sources and network usage patterns to gain better views of subscriber behavior.

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