How it Works

Real-Time Customer Connections with Real-Time Marketing

Responding to customer insights appropriately and in real-time takes your customers’ experience to a whole new level. AFFINITY Real-Time Interaction Manager makes it easy to reach your customers who interact with your brand on many different channels at any time and respond with contextually relevant messages that meet real-world needs.

  • Make real-time marketing decisions to improve marketing strategy
  • Provide contextually relevant content for your customers through any channel, online or offline
  • Tailor customer experience management to improve over time
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty throughout the entire life cycle
  • Align inbound and outbound marketing initiatives with corporate strategies
  • Provide authentic individualized, one-to-one interactions with every customer
  • Automatically learn overtime the messages and channels that perform the best with each of your customers

Real-Time Interaction Manager

With Real-Time Interaction Manager, you can deliver contextually relevant content to propel your customers into action—downloading a brochure, signing up for a mailing list, entering a contest, or making a purchase. It’s a means to learn more about your customers and predict what messages and offers will resonate best with them, on their preferred channel, at the appropriate time.

Our Real-Time Interaction Manager solution helps you create customer interaction strategies by leveraging insights to improve all online and offline customer engagements. Designed specifically for marketers, Real-Time Interaction Manager is a decision engine to support the customer communication needs of omni-channel marketers.

To help you stay ahead of the curve and retain your competitive edge, Real-Time Interaction Manager contains built-in, self-learning models to help determine which message or offer is best for an individual customer. Your real-time marketing and customer engagements get smarter every second, making each new initiative more strategic and intelligent than the last.


Customer Interaction Manager

AFFINITY Customer Interaction Manager

You’ve got the information at your fingertips — terabytes of campaign data, customer purchase history and trends, and even mobile and social footprints. Leverage the full power of your customer data by accessing it from different sources, at any time, to improve communication effectiveness and drive customer interactions.

Customer Interaction Manager provides the most-proven and high-performance platform for complete and current detailed and historical customer data and better tools for analyzing and selecting the right customers for all your promotions, assuring relevance and optimizing ROI.

AFFINITY Customer Interaction Manager helps you consolidate and organize your data so you can:

  • Segment your target audiences into meaningful groups
  • Visualize the impact segmentation strategies will have on engagement
  • Select the right message for the right customer
  • Predict customer responses to strategic offers based on historical data
  • Send personalized, relevant and timely messages based on specific attributes and behaviors
  • Create and manage custom offers that align with a holistic brand messaging strategy

Deliver Value with Emotional Connections


Understand your customers like never before,across all touch points. Discover their preferred communication channels and identify important points on their buying journey so you can deliver messages that provide real value to real people — whenever and wherever they connect with your brand. Ensure consistent customer engagement with the ability to reliably recognize an individual (and the potential opportunity they represent), and the ability to act (quickly, responsively, and responsibly). Quickly turn insight into targeting and timely customer communications. Whether the communications are traditional outbound, event-based or inbound (real-time), customer insight is the key to making those communications timely, relevant, and effective.

Customer Interaction Manager supports an integrated, enterprise approach to planning, developing, and managing your customer communications across multiple channels, product lines, and business locations. You can execute traditional and non-traditional campaigns, including sophisticated multi-step dialogs and event-based promotions. And you can optimize your communications to deliver the most effective mix of messages and offers exclusively for each customer based on priority and the availability of resources to act within a particular period of time. AFFINITY Customer Interaction Manager makes it easy to connect with your customers on their terms, according to their preferences.