Introducing Our Website Audit Tool

Introducing Our Website Audit Tool

Introducing Our Website Audit Tool

We at Affinity Data have always strived for a tool that would help us easily find errors and discrepancies that need to be corrected on websites. We imagined it to be both functional and effective. Well, those dreams are no more because we have created our dream tool that looks and works the way we think it should. Meet our Website Audit Tool.

blog-site-audit-toolThe Website Audit Tool is a sophisticated instrument that includes complicated algorithms, but can be operated by literally anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a website developer, business owner or a marketing expert. You can find a lot of helpful insights in it. It is implemented in our customer’s dashboard and you can find it right there at the top.

It is very easy to use, you just have to type in your domain, set the URL limit (up to 200 pages) and choose where do you want your website to be crawled from (Europe or North America). Click Analyse and leave the rest to us.

In seconds the tool will pull up detailed information regarding your website. It will be divided into three groups:

Errors – The errors are the most urgent things that you should fix right away. In this group, you will see things like missing title and meta descriptions, missing or multiple H1 tags, 404 errors and more.

Warnings– Warnings are the middle ground. There you will see things that you should take action but are not that urgent. Things like missing alt tags, too long titles, missing SSL etc.

Notifications – The notifications are there just to inform you if a page is set with a no index property for example.

The Summary section is where you can check what the tool has found about your website. You can read a short explanation about every error, warning or notification if you hover on the question mark next to it. By clicking on the filter section of each one of them you will be presented with a list of the pages containing that particular error, warning or notification.


We constantly work on polishing our tool and do regular updates. The latest one has included mixed content detection. If you are not familiar with it, mixed content is when part of your HTML is loaded under the secure HTTPS but other resources like videos, images, and scripts are loaded under HTTP. If this is the case with your website our tool will warn you about it.

Below the Summary you will find the Details section which shows you what problems we have found on each of the crawled pages. For example you can click on the “Multiple <h1> tag” error and a pop up will show you a short description of the issue and also the tags that are causing it. This feature is very useful because it will save you a lot of time while searching for the cause of the problem.

Stay tuned for many more features to come day after day.


Stay tuned for many more features to come day after day.

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